Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cards of the day

Ally of Justice Catastor
Monster/Synchro/Dark/Lv 5/ATK 2200/ DEF 1200
1 tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
If this card battle a non-Dark monster, destroy that monster without applying damage calculation.

This card is a savior against all non-Dark monster especially against lightsworn, spirit reaper, and other monster card that cannot be destroyed by battle because of Catastor effect destroy monster despite of its attack before the damage step. Since the effect happened before damage step, honest would be ineffective against this card.
Drawbacks of this card:
- It won't inflict battle damage to monster that has lower ATK than this monster.
- It's effect cannot be activated when battling a face down monster.
If you want to know ruling about this card, please visit yugioh wikia

For those YGO lovers, sorry for the long absent of cards of the day section. I'll try to keep adding new cards to the cards of the day section.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou is an anime with gender: shonen, romance, ecchi, comedy, sci-fi, magic.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou is about a transferred high school student, sai akuto, who transferred to prestigious magic academy in the capital city to become the high priest of the capital city. During the entrance of the magic academy, all student will be forecasted by a magical device. However the fate of sai akuto is different from his dream, instead of becoming high priest, he is destined to be demon lord. In his attendance to the art of magic academy, he meet with several girls whom interested in him either to kill, enslave, protect and observe.

Since this is a romance comedy with lot of ecchi stuff, it would be better if you watch this anime for further clarification because I don't want to give too much spoilers.

First impression of this anime, it looks like a harry potter because of the magical device that forecast someone class. However the rest of the 1st episode after the assignment of jobs, similar to any romance comedy with ecchi stuff and magical such as maburaho(the 2nd episodes makes me sure this anime is like maburaho).

Sub to be use: For uncensored version of the anime, Sub-Desu because it is the only subber that sub the uncensored version of this anime.
For censored, Crunchy-subs is pretty good, fast, and reliable subber.

See you at the next anime review.

Friday, April 9, 2010


HEROMAN -Yes this is an anime title. First impresion, this anime is like rockman EXE/megaman NET, but I hope it would not have the same storyline as rockman EXE, which full of crappy side story after the first season.

Heroman is a story about a boy named Joey who lives in somewhere in USA's west coast area and grows up with his grandmother. Joey always bullied by Lina's(Lina comes from rich family and she seems fond to Joey) brother and his gang and always saved by Joey's friend, Psy. Joey bullied by Lina's brother and his gangs because Joey is an orphan and comes from poor family thus, require him to work part time to survive in this world.

One day, Joey pick up a broken toy which tossed away by one of Lina's brother friend. During the same time alien starting to come to earth to destroy it. However when the alien come out from warp, the excess energy of the warp hit earth causing a thunder storm. Out of no where, thunder suddenly struck on the repaired robot toys and causing it to have ability to become a giant robot controlled by Joey.

This is the start of the Heroman, after watching the 2nd episode of this anime I realized this anime has normal plot of classic alien invasion story.

For the subber, I highly recommend the CrunchyRoll subs.
FYI: gg fansub already declared that they will retire from subber.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Angel Beats

Finally, a new anime come up. Time to get busy one more time with this blogs. I apologize for for those who follows this blogs for being absent for a while. I'm preparing for transition to this blogs just wait and see in a week, there would be a surprise.

Okay let's gear things up, by doing Angel Beats review. Angel Beats is another anime based on Key's artwork, my first impression of this anime is like Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi(Suzumiya Haruhi no Yutsu) because of the so-called "battlefront" and the arrogance of the captain of this brigades while the main chara of this story seems like Kyon, the pro-antagonist chara in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yutsu.

The anime started with the main character wake up in a front yard of a school at night to make things worse, he got amnesia. After he wake up, all of sudden there is this girl, later known as Yuri who stare through her sniper rifle scope toward a girl, starting to talk and explain that he is already dead, right now he is at afterlife world, and she is at war with the so-called angel, who is a little girl being spotted by Yuri through her sniper's scope. Furthermore, She wants the main chara to join the afterlife battlefront, the names of the battlefront changes every times, to take over the afterlife world because they don't want to "disappear".

There are a lot of mysteries of this afterlife world such as what happen if people disappear from this afterlife world; Why there is an angel guarding the after world, and why the main chara died.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Darker Than Black Gaiden

I'm back!! sorry to keep you all waiting for anime review. Let's review a new OVA anime.

Darker Than Black Gaiden, OVA of Darker Than Black, time story of this anime take place between the Darker Than Black: The Black Contractor and Darker Than Black: Gemini of The Meteor.
If all of you wondering why and how Yin suddenly got captured and turned to what she was in the Gemini of The Meteor, then put Darker Than Black Gaiden to your must a watch list.

So far the anime has 2 episodes, the first part of the anime tells us about how Hei and Yin try to escape from Japan, also in the first part of this OVA Hei started to realize Yin's evolution. The second part of the anime tells us about how Yin started to become Izanami, her specter starts acting up by becoming evil and how scary Yin's counter part evolve furthermore.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No card of the day and anime review for a week

Sorry guys for not having anime review lately and start from today till sunday, I won't be able to give any new articles, but I might do something else to make up this absent weeks.
Stay tuned

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Double Cards of the day

Sorry, I cannot make cards of the day section. I was playing Warcraft 3 DOTA with my friends till 4 AM LOL
Today cards is all about spell, 1 of them is a support spell while the other is a card that has ability to increase number of your normal summon without the side effect.
The first card is

Burden of The Mighty
Spell Card/Continuous
Each face-up monster your opponent controls loses 100 ATK times its own level

The other support card for deck that has low ATK such as machina or warrior deck, but the disadvantages of this card is it depends of the level of the monster to decrease in other world the lowest ATK a monster can be decreased is by 1000 ATK point which is Lv.10 monster.

The other card need to be reviewed is
Double Summon
You can normal summon 1 additional time this turn. You can only gain the effect once per turn.

You can activate this card before your normal summon, but the effect can be activated anytime during the turn this card is activated. This is a good card for gemini or you need to use synchro summon as fast as possible.

Those 2 spells I mentioned might be helpful for your deck. please choose your card wisely.